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Brent Reaves is an outdoor videographer, photographer, film editor, writer and producer with over 25 years in the outdoor industry. 

He has contributed articles and photographs to national publications such as Bear Hunting Magazine and was the lead videographer on the 2018 Badlands Film Festival Short Film Category Winner "Ursa De Terra".


Brent has filmed for major outdoor companies and extensively for Bear Hunting Magazine's Bear Horizon YouTube channel with millions of views to his credit.


Brent brings a unique skill set to outdoor videography in that he was a professional hunting guide before focusing solely on videography and outdoor production.  Brent thrives in remote wilderness locations capturing not only the ruggedness of the landscape but also its fragile beauty.



  • Videography

  • Field interviews

  • Field production

  • Video editing

  • Computer graphics

  • Completed productions from concept to final edit

Reckless Drift Media offers all or any of the selected service packages to fit each production requirement.  Each outdoor production brings its on unique set of obstacles and challenges and we will customize a package that suits your needs and budget for professional video that exceeds the industry standard. 



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